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2021 Personal and corporate donors

Thank you for donating

General Donations
Donor’s Choice
Sandy and Janet Sanderson
Adam Saban
Brad Kirbyson
Teagan Kliever-Guild Insurance Group
Greg and Nicole Barclay
Parth Bhavsar (RBC)
Debra Kain

In Honour of Ferg Devins
Paul and Margaret Wright
Hillcrest Museum
Paul and Margaret Wright
(class of 1961, 1962, and 1969)
Winnipeg Foundation

Endow Manitoba Donors
Alan Goddard
Anne Parham
Bill Sanderson
Carol and Darcy Gerow
Catherine and Mark Noton
Charlotte and Brian Parham
Cherilyn and Darryl Jackson
Chris and Glenda McConnell
Courtney Feldman
Debra and Walter Finlay
Donna Russell
Eleanor Thompson
Elizabeth and Willam Tanguay
Elizabeth Somersall
Garry and Shirley Kloon
Glen Brown
Hazel Andrews
Heather Tymoschuk
Heather Williams
Janice Fraser
Karen and Colin Dunbar
Laurie and Jeannie Sutton
Linda Perrin
Lois Brown
Lorie Howe
Margaret Greaves
Mark and Helena Gillis
Max and Bev Webber
Millan Social Club
Myrna and Art Brister
Noreen and Richard Papineau
Norm and Betty Granger
Patti Parham
Paul and Margaret Wright
Province of Manitoba
Rick and Colette Jansen
Shirley M. Brown
Swaenepoel Construction
Winnipeg Foundation