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2022 Personal and corporate donors

Thank you for donating

General Donations
Donor’s Choice
Paul and Margaret Wright
(Souris School Outdoor Classroom Shed)
(Dog Park and Breakfast Club)
(Scholarship Fund)
Frances Yuen
Glen Barclay
Janet and Sandy Sanderson
Teagan Kliever-Guild Insurance Group
Karla Cottyn
Manitoba Heritage Trust Endowment

In Honour of Dave Stratton
Glen Barclay

In Honour of Abbas Sobhi Elias
Paul and Margaret Wright*

In Honour of Doug Armour
Paul and Margaret Wright
Endow Manitoba Donors
Janice Fraser
Chris and Glenda McConnell
Garry and Shirley Kloon
Lois Brown
Heather Tymoschuk
Bill Sanderson
Connie Moffatt
Elizabeth Somersall
Georgina and Gilbert Neufeld
Darryl and Cherilyn Jackson
Elizabeth Tanguay
Laura Higgs
Amanda West
Catherine and Mark Noton
Myrna and Arthur Brister
Noreen and Richard Papineau
Fiona and Ray Dean
Bill and Louise Lawson
Brian and Leona Perkin
Don and Donna Fenwick
Max and Beverly Webber
Dean and Debbie Sherritt
Jim, Lori, and Jeff Denbow
Brian and Charlotte Parham
Keith and Lori Leverington
Paul and Margaret Wright
Courtney Feldman
Alan Goddard
Winnipeg Foundation
Donna Russell
James Kohut
Walter and Debra Finlay
Bill and Cindy Scott
Rae Laval
Lorie Howe
Don and Kim Brown
Glen and Lisa Tosh
Linda Perrin
Brent Fallis
Don and Donna Philp
Heather Williams
Kent and Roxanne Kowalchuk
Class of 1971
Province of Manitoba