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The Souris Glenwood Foundation was created through the vision and leadership of Dr. Ben Sutter. Dr. Sutter was a highly respected doctor, alderman, musician, mayor, and friend to the Souris community. He believed the establishment of a community foundation would be
progressive and beneficial for Souris and area. Dr. Sutter researched information, contacted other community foundations, and presented his ideas to a group of community members. In 1991 a committee including Dr. Sutter, Dave Stratton, Clare Somersall, Darcy Gerow, Bob
Johnston, Doug Denning, and Bill Kirkup moved forward with a plan to establish a community foundation. In January 1993 the Souris Glenwood Foundation was officially registered as a community foundation. The Foundation pools charitable gifts in a capital fund which generates annual earnings. These earnings are awarded in Grants to many worthy community projects, including a wide range of cultural, educational, health, environmental, recreational, heritage, and community services. Dr. Sutter’s vision and perseverance in establishing the Souris Glenwood Foundation will benefit our community for generations to come.

  • Darryl Jackson – Chairperson
  • Darcy Gerow – Treasurer
  • Glenda McConnell – Secretary
    • Lois Brown
    • Andy Barclay
    • Glen Tosh
    • Roxanna Kowalchuk
    • Debbie Sherritt
    • Michelle Wipf
    • Jackie Kirkup
    • Blake Denbow
    • Chanlie Kozak

The Board of Directors are community minded volunteers who meet regularly to oversee the work of the foundation. Under their guidance, the income earned from invested funds will be used to provide grants in the areas of health, culture and heritage, community service, recreation, education, youth and seniors, environment and conservation, and agriculture. The Board strives to make decisions that will best contribute to the community that they represent.

If this board interests you, and you would like to put your name forward for a future volunteers’ position please contact us.

PAST Board of Directors
Ben Sutter
David Stratton
Clare Somersall
Bob Johnston
Doug Denning
Bill Kirkup
Jean Forrest Murray
Diana McCallum
Lois Rose
Fay Jelly
Earl Jelly
Max Webber
Bev Somersall
Wally Kachanoski
Keith Leverington
Jack Denbow
Arnold Simpson
Bob Rose
Ellen Legge
Ruth Brandon
Bob Hicks
June McKinnon
Bob Sherika
Dorothy Palmer
Al Polwarth
Gayle O’Greysik
Caroline Arnold
Harvey Veldhouse
Joe Goodwill
Sandy Sanderson
Patricia Kolba
Carmen Tufts
Greg Harasymchuk
Barb Falloon
Lauren Somersall